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1 A Puma at Large

When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London, ...

伦敦动物园接到报告说,在伦敦以南45 英里处发现一只美洲狮时
It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered. 家证实,美洲狮非被逼得走投无路,是决不会伤人的。
Wherever it went, it left behind it a trail of dead deer and small animals like rabbits.

..., this one must have been in the possession of a private collector and some how managed to escape.


2 Thirteen Equals One

The big clock which used to strike the hours day and night was damaged during the war and has been silent ever since.

教堂的钟很大,以前不分昼夜打点报时,但很多年前遭到毁坏,从此便无声无息了。 One night, however, our vicar woke up with a start:

In the torchlight, he caught sight of a figure whom he immediately recognized as Bill Wilkins, our local grocer.

借着电筒光。他看见一个人,马上认出那是本地杂货店主经比尔.威尔金斯。 Whatever are you doing up here Bill?


3 An unknown Goddess
The city at one time must have been prosperous, for it enjoyed a high level of civilization.
Must have。。表示推测
She stood three feet high and her hands rested on her hips.

她身高 3 英尺,双手叉腰。

4 The Double Life of Alfred Bloggs

Such is human nature, that a great many people are often willing to sacrifice higher pay for the privilege of becoming white collar workers.

This can give raise to curious situations, as it did in the case of Alfred Bloggs who worked as a dustman for the Elessmere Corporation.

而这常常会引起种种奇怪的现象,在埃尔斯米尔公司当清洁工的艾尔弗雷德.布洛斯就是一个 例子。
He will be earning only half as much as he used to, but he feels that his rise in status is well worth the loss of money.


5 TheFacts

Editors of newspapers and magazines often go to extremes to provide their readers with unimportant facts and statistics.

He sent yet another telegram informing the journalists that if he did not reply soon he would be fired.


6 Smash and Grab

Mr. Taylor, the owner of a jewellery shop was admiring a new window display.

..., but he was too busy helping himself to diamonds to notice any pain. 但由于他忙着抢钻石首饰,竟连疼痛都顾不上了。这里出现了 3 个结构的嵌套:
Too... to.../ busy + V.ing/ help oneself to

7 Crazy

Children often have far more sense than their elders. 孩子们往往比他们的长辈更有理智。 Far+比较级的表达。。这个语法可能大家都知道。但是实际写作中用的也不是很多。。。 A lot of people were lying ‘dead’ in the streets.
The living helped to carry the dead and wounded to special station. 活着的人帮助把伤亡人员抬到专门的急救站。
The + adj. 表示某一类人


8 A Famous Monastery

The Great St. Bernard Pass connects Switzerland to Italy. 圣伯纳德大山口连接着瑞士与意大利前面的吊桥也提到一个join... to..
At 2470 meters, it is the highest mountain pass in Europe.
海拔 2,473O ,是欧洲最高的山口。
Despite the new tunnel, there are still a few people who rashly attempt to cross the Pass on foot.
尽管修通了隧道,但仍有一些人想冒险徒步跨越圣伯纳德山口。 注意红线的表达。。直接用名词了。。。
As there are so many people about, the dogs have to be kept in a special enclosure.

In winter, however, life at the monastery is quite different. 然而到了冬天,修道院里的生活则是另一番景象。注意介词的使用。

9 A trip to Mars

By now, a rocket will have set off on its 35 million mile trip to Mars and scientists must be waiting anxiously for the results. 现在,一枚火箭可能已经开始了它的三千五百万英里的火星之行,科学家们一定在焦急地等待 着结果。
On one’s ... trip to..
It will be a long time before any landing on Mars can be attempted. 在登上火星任何尝试之前还会有相当长一段时间。
An interesting suggestion for measuring the atmosphere around Mars has been put forward.

10 The Loss of the ‘Titanic’
The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be remembered, for she went down on her first voyage with heavy loss of life. 然而,这艘巨轮首航就下沉,造成大批人员 死亡。人们将永远记着这艘巨轮的沉没惨剧。
The Titanic turned just in time, narrowly missing the immense wall of ice which rose over 100 feet out of the water beside her.

 泰坦尼克号的急转弯正好比开了从它旁边漂浮而过的一座浮出水面一百英尺硕大无比的冰 墙。
Below, the captain realized to his horror that the Titanic was sinking rapidly, for five of her sixteen watertight compartments had already been flooded!

在下面,船长惊恐的地发现泰坦尼克号正在急速下沉,16 个密封舱已有 5 个进水。 As there were not enough life-boats for every body, 1500 lives were lost.

由于没有足够的救生艇运载所有乘客,结果,1,500 人丧生。


11 Not Guilty

The hardened professional smuggler, on the other hand, is never troubled by such feelings, even if he has five hundred gold watches hidden in his suitcase.

而老练的职业走私犯却使手提箱里藏着500 只金表,却也处之泰然。 The officer went through the case with great care.

那位官员十分仔细地把箱子检查了一遍。 Sudden, I saw the Officer’s face light up.


12 Life on a Desert Island

Most of us have formed an unrealistic picture of life on a desert island.

The other side of the picture is quite the opposite.



She intended to dress up as a ghost and she had made her costume the night before, she was impatient to try it on.

The man let out a cry and jumped back several paces.


14 A Noble Gangster
There was a time when the owners of shops and businesses in Chicago had to pay large sums of money to gangsters in return for ‘protection’. 曾经有一个时期,芝加哥的店主和商行的老板们不得不拿出大笔的钱给歹徒以换取"保护" If the money was not paid promptly, the gangsters would quickly put a man out of business by destroying his shop.

As long ago as the fourteenth century, an Englishman, Sir John Hawkwood, made the remarkable discovery that people would rather pay large sums of money than have their life work destroyed by gangsters.
早在 14 世纪,英国人约翰.霍克伍德就有过非凡的发现:"人们情愿拿出大笔的钱,也不愿毕生的 心血毁于歹徒之手.
这里是 rather...than.. 的搭配而不是would rather
He soon made a name for himself and came to be known to the Italians as Giovanni Acuto.
他很快就使自己出了名,而且渐渐地以Giovanni Acuto这个名字为意大利人所熟悉。
..., would offer to go away if protection money was paid to them.


15 Sixpence Worth of Trouble

Father, of course, a regular supply of pocket money, but uncles and aunts are always a source of extra income.


人也可以做 supplysource的主语。
With some children, small sums go a long way.

Very few of the sixpences I have given him have found their way there.

我给了不少 50 便士的硬币,但没有几个存到储蓄罐里。
Instead, he bought himself sixpence worth of trouble. 昨天,我给了他 6 便士让存起来,却拿这钱给自己买了6 便士的麻烦。 表示价值多少的意思。。也可以表示多少代价的意思。。。 thousands dollars worth of the experiment.

George was not too upset by his experience because the lady who owns the sweet shop heard about his troubles and rewarded him with a large box of chocolates. 不过,此事并没使乔治过于伤心,因为糖果店老板娘听说了他遇到的麻烦后,赏给他一大盒巧 克力。

be upset by one’s experience

16 Mary had a Little Lamb

One of Mary’s prize possessions was a little white lamb which her husband had given her.
玛丽最珍贵的财产之一就是丈夫送给她的一只白色小羔羊。 前面说吃蜗牛的那一课也出现了这个词,表示珍视的意思。
Ashamed of having acted so rashly, Dimitri apologized to Aleko for having accused him.


17 The Greatest Bridge in the World

Though Verrazano is by no means considered to be a great explorer, his name will probably remain immortal, for on November 21st,1964, the greatest bridge in the world was named after him.

虽然 Verrazano 绝对算不上一个伟大的探险家,但他的名字将流芳百世,因为1964 11 21 日建成的一座世界上最长的吊桥是以他的名字命名。
The Verrazano Bridge, which was designed by Othmar Ammann, joins Brooklyn to Staten Island.

维拉萨诺大桥由Othmar Ammann设计,连结着BrooklynStaten Two great towers support four huge cables.

两座巨塔支撑着 4 根粗大的钢缆。
These alone took sixteen months to build.

仅这两座塔就花了 16 个月才建成。
Above the surface of the water, the towers rise to a height of nearly 700 feet.

塔身高出水面将近 700 英尺。
Despite its immensity, it is both simple and elegant, fulfilling its designer’s dream to create ‘an enormous object drawn as faintly as possible’. 尽管此桥很大,但它的结构简单,造型优美,实现了设计者企图创造一个尽量用细线条勾画 出一个庞然大物的梦想。划线是做分词后置定语。

18 Electric Currents in Modern Art

The idea that modern can only be seen in museums is mistaken. 那种认为现代艺术只能在博物馆里才能看到的观点是错误的。
Mistaken 这里是 adj,表示错误的的意思
Even people who take no interest in art cannot have failed to notice examples of modern sculpture on display in public places. 即使是对艺术不感兴趣的人也不会不注意到在公共场所展示的现代艺术品。

Oddly shaped forms that are suspended from the ceiling and move in response to a gust of wind are quite familiar to everybody.

Sparks were emitted from small black boxes and red lamps flashed on and off angrily.


19 A very Dear Cat

Kidnappers are rarely interested in animals, but they recently took considerable interest in Mrs. Eleanor Ramsay’s cat. 绑架者很少对动物感兴趣。最近,绑架者却盯上了Eleanor Ramsay太太的猫。
be interested in take interest in
Mrs. Eleanor Ramsay, a very wealthy old lady, has shared a flat with her cat, Rastus, for a great many years.
Eleanor Ramsay 太太是一个非常富有的老妇人,多年来,一直同她养的猫Rastus 一起住在一 所公寓里。这里划线的结构,英语中这种小的插入定语成分比较常见,逻辑也比较清晰。
One evening, however, he failed to arrive.

The writer stated that Rastus was in safe hands and would be returned immediately if Mrs. Ramsay paid a ransom of £100.

写信人声称拉斯特斯安然无恙,只要拉姆齐太太愿意支付1,000 英镑赎金,可以立即将猫送 还。
The next morning, the box had disappeared but Mrs. Ramsay was sure that the kidnapper would keep his word.

第二天早晨,放钱的盒子不见了。但拉姆齐太太确信绑架者是会履行诺言的。 Considering the amount he paid, he was dear in more ways than one!


20 Pioneer Pilots

Over a year passed before the first attempt was made. 然而一年多过去了才有人出来尝试。
Make attempt:作出尝试。
The ‘Antoinette’ floated on the water until was picked up by a ship.

A week before, he had completed a successful overland flight during which he covered twenty-six miles.

一周以前,他曾成功地进行了一次26 英里的陆上飞行。

21 Daniel Mendoza

One of the most colorful figures in boxing history was Daniel Mendoza who was borne in 1764.

拳击史上最引人注目的人物之一是Daniel Mendoza,他生于1764年。
The use of gloves was not introduced until 1860 when the Marquis of Queensberry drew up the first set of rules.

1860 年昆斯伯里侯爵第一次为拳击比赛制定了规则,拳击比赛这才用上了手套。 In his day, Mendoza enjoyed tremendous popularity. 在他的全盛时期,Mendoza 享有很高的声誉。
In one’s day:某人全盛时期

tremendous:再次出现。。修饰抽象名词 He was adored by rich and poor alike. 无论是富人还是穷人都对他祟拜备至。

It was not until his third match in 1790 that he finally beat Humphries and became Champion of England.
直到 1790 年他们第 3 次对垒,门多萨才终于击败汉弗莱斯,成了全英拳击冠军。
It was not until...that:强调句,直到。。。才

He earned enormous sums of money and was paid as much as £100 for a single appearance.
他赚了大笔大笔的钱,一次出场费就多可达100 英镑。
single 这里有强调的意思,“仅一次

enormous, immense, huge, gigantic, colossal, mammoth, tremendous, stupendous, gargantuan, vast
这些形容词都描述超乎寻常大的事物,Enormous 暗指在大小、数量或程度上超乎常规的 Immense 指无限的或无法测量的尺寸或范围

Huge 尤指尺寸或容量的庞大
Gigantic 指象巨人一样的大小尺寸
Colossal 暗指能让人生畏或动摇信仰的巨大
Mammoth 用于指事物笨拙的或笨重的庞大
Tremendous 指大小让人生畏或令人感到可怕
Stupendous 指大小尺寸让人吃惊或超乎描述范围
Gargantuan 尤其强调容量大,如就食物或快乐而言
Vast 指范围、大小、地区或跨度的宽广

22 ByHeart

Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end.

One would expect them to know their parts by heart and never have cause to falter.

Even though the noble was expected to read the letter at each performance, he always insisted that it should be written out in full. 尽管那个贵族每场戏都得念一遍那封信。但他还是坚持要求将信的全文写在信纸上。 insist 的用法:


坚持要求,表达想法的 用虚拟语态。。同demand/ require etc Much to the aristocrat’s amusement, .... 贵族感到非常好笑的是...


23 One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison
One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison. 各有所爱
On the other hand, your stomach would turn at the idea of frying potatoes in animal fat—the normally accepted practice in many northern countries. 另一方面,你一想到动物油炸土豆就会反胃,但这在北方许多国家却是一种普通的烹任方法。 turn 的意思、用法
The sad truth is that most of us have been brought up to eat certain foods and we stick to them all our lives.
不无遗憾的是, 我们中的大部分人,生来就只吃某几种食品,而且一辈子都这样。 可以用于描述饮食习惯的文章中。

划线部分在前面的 54 课出现过。。再标记一下。。加深印象。。
No creature has received more praise and abuse than the common garden snail. 没有一种生物所受到的赞美和厌恶会超过花园里常见的蜗牛了。比较级表示最意思的句子。
The idea never appealed to me very much, but one day, after a heavy shower, I happened to be walking in my garden when I noticed a huge number of snails taking a stroll on some of my prize plants.

一开始,他的这一想法没有引起我多大兴趣。后来有一天,一场大雨后,我在花园里漫无目的 散步,突然注意到许许多多蜗牛在我的一些心爱的花木上慢悠悠的蠕动着。
Acting on a sudden impulse, ...

To our dismay, we saw that there were snails every where: they had escaped from the paper bag and had taken complete possession of the hall!


24 A Skeleton in the Cupcoard

We often read in novels how a seemingly respectable person of family has some terrible secret which has been concealed from strangers for years. 在小说中,我们经常读到一个表面上受人尊重的人物或家庭,却有着某种多年不为人所知的骇 人听闻的秘密。表面上: seemingly/ apparently/ ostensibly/ professedly
The English language possesses a vivid saying to describe this sort of situation. 英语中有一个生动的说法来形容这种情况。引用的表达。。
The reader’s hair stands on end when he reads in the final pages of the novel that he heroine, a dear old lady who had always been so kind to every body, had, in her youth, poisoned every one of her five husbands. 当读者到小说最后几页了解到书中女主人公,那位一向待大家很好的可爱的老妇人年轻时一连 毒死了她的 5 个丈夫时,不禁会毛骨悚然。
To varying degrees, we all have secrets which we do not want even our closest friends to learn, but few of us have skeletons in the cupboard. 我们在不同程度上艘有一些甚至连最亲密的朋友也不想让他们知道的秘密,但是却极少有人有 橱中骷髅。注意 vary 词的意思。
I opened the cupboard door and then stood in front of it petrified. 我打开柜门,站在柜门前一下惊呆了。体会一下 petrified 的位置和表达的感情。。。
Dropping my suit, I dashed downstairs to tell George.
我扔下西服冲下楼去告诉乔治。划线处的 Ving 用法,dash rush 表达更加快速和突然,很好地证明了前面的petrified

25 The ‘Cutty Sark’

She serves as an impressive reminder of the great ships of the past. 它给人们留下深刻的印象,使人们回忆起历史上的巨型帆船。
The only other ship to match her was the Thermopylae.

..., but on the Indian Ocean, the Cutty Sark took the lead.

A temporary rudder was made on board from spare planks and it was fitted with great difficulty.

船员用备用的木板在船上赶制了一只应急用的舵,并克服重重困难将舵安装就位。 Though the new rudder was fitted at tremendous speed, ... 虽然以及快的速度装好了新舵,。。。红色部分是修饰 fitted 的速度的。

26 Wanted: a Large Biscuit Tin

Much as we may pride ourselves on our good taste, we are no longer free to choose the things we want, for advertising exerts a subtle influence on us. 尽管我们可以自夸自己的鉴赏力如何敏锐,但我们已经无法独立自主地选购自己所需的东西 了。这是因为广告在我们身上施加着一种潜移默化的影响。 可以用于阐述广告的作用时的描写。
pride on: 以。。自豪
Adj + sb. 表示尽管的意思,也有时候用到虚拟语气。。
Advertisers discovered years ago that all of us love to get something for nothing. 广告商在很多年以前就发现,我们大家都喜欢不花钱得到的东西。
The response to this competition was tremendous.

A little later, a man came along with a biscuit which occupied the whole boot of his car. 相隔不一会儿,一个男子也带来一个大饼干,那个饼干把汽车的行李箱挤得满满的。

occupy: 占据 相近意思的还有 take up...


27 Nothing to Sell and Nothing to Buy

In the light of this statement, teachers live by selling knowledge, philosophers by selling wisdom and priests by selling spiritual comfort. 根据这种说法,教师靠卖知识为生,哲学家靠卖智慧为生,牧师靠卖精神安慰为生。
in the light of 表示的意义是 根据。。。
Though it may be possible to measure the value of material goods in terms of money, it is extremely difficult to estimate the true value of the services which people perform for us. 虽然物质产品的价值可以用金钱来衡量,但要估算别人为我们为所提供的服务的价值却是极其 困难的。
service perform 的搭配使用
He has deliberately chosen to lead the life he leads and is fully aware of the consequences.
By having to sleep in the open, he gets far closer to the world of nature than most of us ever do.

We often speak of tramps with contempt and put them in the same class as beggars, but how many of us can honestly say that we have not felt a little envious of their simple way of life and their freedom from care? 说起流浪汉,我们常常带有轻蔑并把他们与乞丐归为一类。但是,我们中有多少人能够坦率地 说我们对流浪汉的简朴生活与无忧无虑的境况不感到有些羡慕呢?
put ... in the same class as:归为一类

28 A pound too dear

A pound too dear
一镑不值。。可以用...too dear 来表示什么事物并不值得如此大花精力,钱财。。
It was difficult not to be tempted.

要想不为这些东西所动心是很困难的。说想要可以说 want to/ intend to/desire/ 还有 tempted。。这个从另一个方面说明货品的 诱人。。而前面一些可能更加主观的感情因素比较多。
I had no sooner got off the ship than I was assailed by a man who wanted to sell me a diamond ring.

..., but as a special favour, he would let me have it for £8.

作为特别优惠,他愿意让我出8 英镑成交。
Shrugging my shoulders, I began to walk away when, a moment later, he ran after me and thrust the pen into my hands. 我耸耸肩膀掉头走开了。一会儿,他突然从后追了上来,把笔塞到我手里。 这里标记出来的只是想注意一下每个词组的搭配。

29 Funny or not

The sense of humour is mysteriously bound up with national characteristics, ...

In spite of national differences, certain funny situations have a universal appeal.

No matter where you live, you would find it difficult not to laugh at, say, Charlie Chaplin’s early films. 比如说,不管你生活在哪里,你看查理.卓别林的早期电影很难不发笑。
Say, 这里的用法。。也可以用来举例,such as/ for example/ for instance等。。
He dreaded having to spend Christmas in hospital.
Dread + V.ing的用法。。
The man took heart and, sure enough, on New Year’s Eve he was able to hobble along to a party.
Sure enough 在之前的恶作剧里面也出现过的用法。同样表达果然的意思。。
Along 的用法。。感觉上有径直而去。。。
To compensate for his unpleasant experiences in hospital, the man drank a little more than was good for him
为了补偿住院这一段不愉快的经历,那人喝得稍许多了一点。 比刚好还多。。。就是稍微喝多了

30 The death of a ghost

They employed a few farm hands, ...

In time, it became an accepted fact that the Cox brothers employed a conscientious ghost that did most of their work for them.

随着时间的流逝,考科斯兄弟雇了一个尽心尽责的鬼,他们家的活大部分都让鬼给干了,这件 事成了公认的事实。
This was indeed the case.

Everyone went to the funeral, for the ‘ghost’ was none other than Eric Cox, ....

大家都去参加了葬礼,因为那不是别人,正是农场主的兄弟埃里克.考科斯。 As he hated army life, he decided to desert his regiment.

The only other people who knew the secret were Joe and Bert. 除此之外,只有乔与鲍知道这个秘密。
Only 并不单单表示单一的概念。。可以和复数同用

31 A lovable eccentric

They disregard social conventions without being conscious that they are doing anything extraordinary.

他们总能赢得别人的喜爱与尊敬,因为他们给平淡单一的日常生活增添了色彩。 Dickie disliked snobs intensely.
intensely 表达强烈的感情。

One day, he walked into an expensive shop after having been caought in a particularly heavy shower.

It took him four years to stage this elaborate joke simply to prove that critics to not always know what they are talking about.

他花了 4 年时间策划这出精心设计的闹剧,只是想证明评论家们有时并不解他们所谈论的事 情。

32 A lost ship

Though the crew were at first under the impression that the lost ship had been found, the contents of the sea-chest proved them wrong.


33 A Day To Remember

It is as if a single unimportant event set up a chain of reactions.

The telephone rings and this marks the prelude to an unforeseen series of catastrophes.

She suddenly got into a panic and stopped her car.
panic 惊慌而且是可数名词。

34 A Happy Discovery

Like a scientist bent on making a discovery, he must cherish the hope that one day he will be amply rewarded.

他必须像一个专心致志进行探索的科学家那样抱有这样的希望,即终有一天,他的努力会取得 丰硕的成果。
The dealer told him that it had just come in, but that he could not be bothered to open it.


Frank could hardly conceal his excitement, for he knew that he had made a real discovery.
弗兰克几乎无法掩饰自己兴奋的心情,因为他明白自己发现了一件珍品。这个 canceal 出现了很多次了。

35 Justice Was Done

We might say that justice has been proved beyond doubt.

..., the shop assistants must have found it impossible to resist the temptation to say “it serves him right”.

The sorry-looking, blackened figure that emerged, at once admitted that he had tried to break into the shop during the night but had got stuck in the chimney.

那个看来满脸沮丧、浑身漆黑的家伙从烟囱里一出来,就承认头天夜里他企图到店里行窍, 让烟囱卡住了。

36 A Chance in a Million

Franz poured scorn on the idea, ... 弗朗兹对此不屑一顾

The hospital had been bombed and Hans had made his way back into Western Germany on foot.
Make one’s way...on/ by...

37 The Westhaven Express

We have learnt to expect that trains will be punctual. 我们已经习惯于相信火车总是准点的。表示习惯于的。。不要总是 used to ... habit 什么的了。。
Ships may be delayed by storms; air flights may be cancelled because of bad weather; but trains must be on time.
cancel 这个词。。看出来是个高频词了吧。。。
The truth is that when mistakes occur, they are more likely to be ours than theirs. 其实,当真发生差错时, 往往是咎由自取。
When I boarded the train, I could not help noticing that a great many local people got on as well.

There was a note of triumph in my voice when I told him that it was there in black and white.


38 The First Calendar

Future historians will be in a unique position when they come to record the history of our own times.
未来的历史学家, 将在一种得天独厚的环境中记载我们时代的历史。
Even seemingly insignificant remains can shed interesting light on the history of early man.

They have found that it is connected with the passage of days and the phases of the moon.
passage phases

39 Nothing to Worry About

Even though the road was littered with boulders and pitted with holes, Bruce was not in the least perturbed.


It was not that Bruce always underestimated difficulties. 这并不是说布鲁斯总是低估困难,
What a relief it was when the boulders suddenly disappeared, giving way to a stretch of plain where the only obstacles were clumps of bushes. 突然大石块不见了,前面是一片平地,唯一的障碍只有一簇簇灌木丛。这使我们长长地松了口 气。

第一个划线处。。感叹句式 第二个划线处。。注意平原修饰词。。表示延伸的意义。 But there was worse to come.


In response to renewed pleadings, Bruce stopped.


这里renew pleadings表达一个反复多次请求的意思。。值得学习。。。
Bruce engaged low gear and drove at a terrifying speed, keeping the front wheels astride the crack as he followed its zig-zag course. 布鲁斯挂上慢档,把两只前轮分别搁在裂缝的两边,顺着弯弯曲曲的裂缝,以发疯的速度向前 开去。
engage 这个词使用很普遍
as 这里是引导时间状语从句。


40 Who’s Who

It has never been explained why university students seem to enjoy practical jokes more than anyone else.

谁也弄不清为什么大学生好像比任何人都更喜欢恶作剧。大学生擅长一种特殊的恶作剧—— 戏弄人。

Sure enough, a policeman arrived on the scene and politely asked the workmen to go away.

The workmen told him to do as he pleased and the policeman telephoned for help.

Only when he saw that the man was actually telephoning the police did he realize that they had all been the victims of hoax. 当他看到那个工人真的是给警察挂电话,才恍然大悟,原来他们都成一场骗局的受害者。 倒装句。。助词要提前。。更加强调一种恍然大悟的感觉

41 Illusions of Pastoral Peace

City born and city bred, I have always regarded the country as something you look at through a train window, or something you occasionally visit during the week-end. 我生在城市,长在城市,总认为乡村是透过火车车窗看到的那个样了,或偶尔周末去游玩一下 景象。

说是地地道道的哪里人。。XX born XX bred. 划线句子注意用的类比的方式表达自己的观点。
He is forever talking about the friendly people, the clean atmosphere, the closeness to nature and the gentle pace of living.

My friend fails to mention the long and friendless winter evenings which are interrupted only by an occasional visit to the local cinema-virtually the only form of entertainment.


He says nothing about the poor selection of foods in the shops, or about those unfortunate people who have to travel from the country to the city every day to get to work. 他也不说商店货物品种单调,以及那些每天不得不从乡下赶到城里工作的不幸的人们。
Poor selection:少用choices吧。。以上划线都可以举例说明乡村生活的劣势。
They could be saved so much misery and expense if they chose to live in the city where they rightly belong. 要是他们愿意住在本来属于他们的城市,则可以让他们省去诸多不便与节约大量开支。 虚拟语气。
If you can do without the few pastoral pleasures of the country, you will find the city can provide you with the best that life can offer. 如果你愿舍弃乡下生活那一点点乐趣的话,那么你会发出城市可以为你提供生活最美好的东 西。
They invariably live nearby and are always available for an informal chat or an evening’s entertainment. 你去看朋友根本不用跋涉好几英里,因为他们都住在附近,你随时可以同他们聊天或在晚上一 起娱乐。
Shopping, too, is always a pleasure.
Too 的位置。
There is so much variety that you never have to make do with second best.


Country people run wild when they go shopping in the city and stagger home loaded with as many of the necessities of life as they can carry. 乡里人进城采购欣喜若狂,每次回家时都买足了外来商品,直到拿不动方才罢休,连走路都摇 摇晃晃的。

Nor is the city without its moments of beauty.


42 Modern Cavemen

Cave exploration, or potholing, as it has come to be known, is a relatively new sport.
洞穴勘查——或洞穴勘探——是一项比较新的体育活动。划线是修饰前面的or potholing的。
For him, caves have the same peculiar fascination which high mountains have for the climber.
对洞穴探险者来说,洞穴有一种特殊的魅力,就像高山对登山者有特殊魅力一样。 划线处类比说明。The cave might never have been discovered had not the entrance been spotted by the distinguished French potholer, Berger. 若不是法国著名洞穴探险家伯杰由于偶然的机会发现了这个洞口的话,这个洞也许不会为人所 知。划线部分的语法:省略 if 的条件句,表达虚拟语气。正常语序
If the entrance had not been spotted by the distinguished French phtholer, Berger, the cave might never have been discovered.
They had to edge their way along this, sometimes wading across shallow streams, or swimming across deep pools.


43 Funny Insured

Needless to say, the bigger the risk an insurance company takes, the higher the premium you will have to pay.

Modern dances proved to be more than the dish could bear, for of their own. 盘子承受不了在它上面跳现代舞的负担。

44 Speed and Comfort

People traveling long distances frequently have to decide whether they would prefer to go by land, sea, or air. 人们做长途旅行时,往往不得不决定究竟取道陆路、海洋还是航空。 注意这里虚拟语气的用法。
Hardly anyone can positively enjoy sitting in a train for more than a few hours.

It is almost impossible to take your mind off the journey.

Reading is only a partial solution, for the monotonous rhythm of the wheels clicking on the rails soon lulls you to sleep.

During the day, sleep comes in snatches.

Inevitable you arrive at your destination almost exhausted.

...but more often than not, the greater part of the journey is spent on narrow, bumpy roads which are crowded with traffic. 然而通常大部分旅程都是消磨在狭窄、刊刻不平和挤满车辆的道路上。 注意一下,这个隐藏的比较级。
...no form of transport could be worse.


Relatively few people are prepared to sacrifice up to a third of their holidays for the pleasure of traveling on a ship.


Aeroplanes have the reputation of being dangerous and even hardened travelers are intimidated by them.

飞机以危险而著称,连老资格的旅行者也怕飞机。 But nothing can match them for speed and comfort.

但就速度与舒适而言,飞机是无与伦比的。 ...there is plenty to keep you occupied.

An aeroplane offers you an unusual and breathtaking view of the world.


45 The Power of the Press

In democratic countries any efforts to restrict the freedom of the Press are right condemned.

The story of a poor family that acquired fame and fortune overnight, dramatically illustrates the power of the press.

As the parents had five children, life was perpetual struggle against poverty.

家里已有 5 个孩子,全家人的生活就是在贫困线上做无穷无尽地挣扎。 The rise to fame was swift.

Gifts poured in not only from unknown people, but from baby food and soap manufacturers who wished to advertise their products.

不但素昧平生的人寄来了大量的礼物,而且婴儿食品、婴儿肥皂制造厂商为了替自己产品 做广告也寄来了大量的礼物。
..their parents were paying the price for fame.

类似意义的有at the cost of:以。。为代价
It would never again be possible for them to lead normal lives.



....that almost every one of the inhabitants was affected to a greater or less degree.




46 Do it Yourself

So great is our passion for doing things for ourselves, that we are becoming increasingly less dependent on specialized labour.
increasingly+比较级。 现在我们自己动手做事的热情很高,结果对于专业工人的依赖越来越少了。
Armed with the right tools and materials, newly-weds gaily embark on the task of decorating their own homes.
The worst thing about the do-it-yourself game is that sometimes husbands live under the delusion that they can do anything even when they have been repeatedly proved wrong.

自己动手的例子中最糟糕的是,有时甚至是男人尽管接连失败却还误以为自己什么都行, 乃自尊心所使。
I had traced the cause of the trouble.
trace: 追溯源头我找到了毛病所在。

47 Through the Earth’s Crust

Satellites orbiting round the earth have provided scientists with a vast amount of information about conditions in outer space. 环绕地球运行的卫星,为科学家提供了浩如烟海的外层空间的资料,相比之下,对地球内部的 结构则知之甚微。
Until recently, scientists have been unable to devise a drill which would be capable of cutting through hard rock at great depths. 直至今日,科学家尚未能设计出一种能钻透极深处坚硬岩石之钻探机。
Keeping the platform in position at sea will give rise to further problems.

Scientists have been amazed to find that it can cut through the hardest rock with great ease.

48 The Silent Village

In this much-travelled world, there are still thousands of palces which are inaccessible to tourists.

But people who are cut off not only from foreign tourists, but even from their own countrymen can be hostile to travelers.

但是,那些不但与外国旅游者隔绝,而且与本国同胞隔绝的人们有可能对游客抱有极不友好 的态度。

This was more than we could bear,...
We expected the path to an abruptly, but we found that it traced its way through the trees.


trace its way: 类似的有wind its way
In it there was a boat man fast asleep.
fast asleep: 类似的有sound asleep
Even under a clear blue sky, the village looked forbidding, as all the houses were built of grey mud bricks.

因此,即使在晴朗的蓝天底下,村庄看上去也会令人感到难以亲近。 I noticed that my wife seemed to be filled with alarm.


49 The Ideal Servant

If she were alive today she would not be able to air her views on her favorite topic of conversation: domestic servants.


air her views: 发表见解
She was sentimentally attached to this house, for even though it was far too big
for her needs.
During that time she so gained my aunt’s confidence, that she was put in charge of the domestic staff.
Aunt Harriet could not find word to praise Bessie’s industry and efficiency. Harriet 姨妈难以用适当的语言来赞扬Bessie 的勤奋和工作效率
In addition to all her other qualifications,...
Not only was the meal well below the usual standard,...
well:在这里是一个副词来修饰 below
Though this occasioned great mirth among the guests,..
The guests, had of course, realized this from the moment Bessie opened the door for them and, long before the final catastrophe, had had a difficult time trying to conceal their amusement.
然而,客人在 Bessie 为他们开门之际就已察觉这一点,在这场灾难最终降临前,他们一直竭力 忍住不笑。

50 New Year Resolutions

Mentally, at least, most of us could compile formidable lists of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’. 至少在大多数人的心里会编排出一份应做什么不应做什么的令人生畏的单子。
The same old favorites recur year in year out with monotonous regularity.

相同的决心以单调的规律年复一年地出现。 EG:计算机可以帮助完成那些单调重复的机械劳动。
Computers are helpful in dealing with those tasks recurring time after time out

with monotonous regularity.
Past experience has taught us that certain accomplishments are beyond attainment.


If we remain inveterate smokers, it is only because we have so often experienced the frustration that results from failure. 如果我们烟瘾大,戒不掉,那是因为屡戒屡败,失去信心。
So that :这里的that 并不是so...that的词组 that是作为frustration的定语从句的先行 词出现的。

We also make the fundamental error of announcing our resolutions to every body so that we look even more foolish when we slip back into our bad old ways. 可以表达重蹈覆辙的意思。所以当我们重蹈覆辙的时候,更加显得愚蠢不堪。

...I applied myself assiduously to the desk.
It was this that betrayed me.
而就是这一点暴露了我的秘密。 这个简单句在两个长句子中间出现,调整了句子的协调性,而且避免了重复罗嗦。 暴露秘密这个表达。。一般想到的是exposed 吧。。

However, my enthusiasm waned.

51 Automation

One of the greatest advances in modern technology has been the invention of computers.
Computers are capable of doing extremely complicated work in all branches of learning.
注意一下 be capable of 的用法 以及表达方式。 电子计算机能在科学界各专业中从事及其复杂的工作。
In the future, automation may enable human beings to enjoy far more leisure than they do today.
far+比较级 的用法
The coming of automation is bound to have important social consequences. 自动化的实现必将产生重大的社会影响。
They can never, as it were, lead independent lives, or ‘role the world’ by making decisions of their own.
红色部分是虚拟语气。 所以说,计算机决不能独立工作,或由其本身作出决定来统治世界
This will enable people who do not share a common language to talk to each other without any difficulty or to read foreign publications. 使说不同语言的人们能毫无困难地进行交谈或阅读外文书报杂志。
It is impossible to assess the importance of a machine of this sort, for many international misunderstandings are caused simply through our failure to understand each other. 这类机器的重要性是无法评估的,因为许多国际间的误会均由彼此语言不通所致。
Computers are the most efficient servants man has ever had and there is no limit to the way they can be used to improve our life.
句子分析:Computers are the most efficient servants (that/who) man has ever had and there is no limit to the way (that) they can be used to improved to our life. 红字,表达前途无量的意思。可以说一个事物的发展前景广阔什么的。

52 Mud is Mud

Mud is mud.

实事求是。我们校训就是这个。但是在校训下面写的是:Extract truth from the facts. 。。。不知道是不是中式英语。但是明显那个比这个好。
Despite the fact that the bottle is tinted a delicate shade of green, an observant visitor would soon notice that it is filled with what looks like a thick, grayish substance.

尽管那只瓶子呈淡绿色,但细心的客人很快就会发现瓶里装的是一种看上去黏稠,颜色发灰的 东西。
Observant: 细心。下次说人心细或者观察仔细不要光说careful,considerable,watch carefully..

This brief experiment would dispel any further doubts you might entertain. Entertain:To hold the attention of with something amusing or diverting。使有兴趣的 用法。这一简单的试验会消除你可能存有的一切疑虑
How Harry came into the possession of this outlandish stuff makes an interesting story which he is fond of relating.

哈里如何得到这种稀奇古怪的东西的,这里有个有趣的故事,而且他挺爱把它讲给别人听。 He expected the girl to look at him in blank astonishment. 他原想女售货员会惊奇地望着他,不知所措

blank sheer 这个词一样,蛮形象的。。
Harry decided that this little game he had invented might prove to be expensive. 他认识到自己发明的小小恶作剧是要付出很大的代价的。有点因小失大的意思。比如说,觉得采纳这样的方法是得不偿失的。”
The suggestion to be carried out might prove to be expensive.

53 In the Public Interest

As long ago as 1809, the Swedish Parliament introduced a scheme to safeguard the interest of the individual.
Introduce: 引进 bring in 的另外一种的表达
Individual: 到处都在强调的用法。
The Ombudsman is not subject to political pressure.

If a citizen’s complaint is justified, the Ombudsman will act on his behalf. On one’s behalf: 代表某人的利益 如果公民的意见正确,司法特派员便为他伸张正义。
There was nothing in the record to show that the foreigner’s complaint was justified and the Chief of Police stoutly denied the accusation.


54 Instinct or Cleverness

We have been brought up to fear insects.

We regard them as unnecessary creatures that do more harm than good. 我们把昆虫当作害多益少的无用东西。
We live in dread not only of unpleasant insects like spiders or wasps, but of quite harmless ones like moths.

我们在日常生活中,不但憎恶如蜘蛛、黄蜂之类令人讨厌的昆虫,而且憎恶并无大害的飞蛾 等。
Knowing that the industrious ant lives in a highly organized society does nothing to prevent us from being filled with revulsion when we find hordes of them crawling over a carefully prepared picnic lunch.

即使知道勤奋的蚂蚁生活具有高度组织性的社会里,当看到大群蚂蚁在我们精心准备的午间野 餐上爬行时,我们也无法抑制对它们的反感。
We enjoy staring at them, entranced as they go about their business, unaware (we hope) of our presence.

Who has not stood in awe ate the sight of a spider pouncing on a fly, or a column of ants triumphantly bearing home an enormous dead beetle? 当看到蜘蛛扑向一只苍蝇时,一队蚂蚁抬着一只巨大的死甲虫凯旋归时,谁能不感到敬畏呢?

55 From the Earth: Greetings

Radio telescopes have one big advantage over conventional telescopes in that they can operate in all weather conditions and can pick up signals coming from very distant stars.

这个 over 这个词。。以及 in that 表示原因的用法。
The radio telescope at Iodrell Bank in England was for many years the largest in the world.
状语的位置,习惯了把 for+时间段的放在句子前后,偶尔看一下这样的表达会觉得不适应
A new telescope, over twice the size, was recently built at Sugar Grove in West Virginia.
Astronomers no longer regard as fanciful the idea that they may one day pick up signal which have been sent by intelligent beings on other worlds.
regard as fanciful the idea that....这个句子,刚开始看没太懂结构。其实正常的应该是 regard the idea that they... as fanciful. 为了平衡句子结构所以把as fanciful 这个给提前了。蛮地道的表达。。至少是蛮不中式英语的表达 在旧托福里,这样的语法结构也考过。
Highly advanced civilizations may have existed on other planets long before intelligent forms of life evolved on the earth.
Highly 这个词。。。觉得很多赞美的感情都包括在里面了。。 最震撼的是看俺爸爸帮我改邮件, 最后一句 我本来写的是
I’m waiting for your replay.。。。。。 蛮土的
Your reply will be highly appreciated.。。。以后俺发邮件最后一句都是这个了。。。 还有 advanced,一个用法比较多的词,属于要掌握好的词吧。
Aware of the fact that it would be impossible to wait thousands or millions of years to receive an answer from a distant planet, scientists engaged in Project Ozma ate concentrating their attention on stars which are relatively close. 过渡句,连接 2 段间逻辑关系的句子。可以用做进一步详细的阐述,也可以做转折。

engage in 参与
A single picture would tell us more than thousands of words. 这个简单句可以用于很多写作的论述中间。 比如说电脑的作用:
A simple operation on the computer would save us more than thousands of minutes.
In an age when anything seems to be possible, it would be narrow-minded in the extreme to ridicule these attempts to find out if there is life in other parts of the universe.
很好的结尾总结句子。还是那个 creativity v.s knowledge
In an age when anything seems to be full of innovation, it would be narrow-minded
in the extreme to regard knowledge gained as superior than creativity.
今日总结: 1、其实好多词光背了发现自己写作用的词汇还是没有提高,而从课文中抽出句子来,一方面是 对语感的提高,而且也了解了这个词的适用场合,或者说,在你想到一个表达的时候,反应出 来的不是单词,而是一个句子 2、插入语,以及一些小的结构是在老外们表达的时候很喜欢用的。也避免了满篇的which,
who 什么的定语从句,而且使句子结构比较灵活。而这些小成分放的位置,有时候是很形象地 突出他所要表达的意思。



Without it we could not make a living.

还是 without,以及双重否定的一个虚拟结构。同时 make 这个词是很经典的。这句话很适用 TWE 作文的写作里面,作为自己支持观点的引语。
Eg: creativity v.s knowledge

Without creativity we could not make a living in such a fast-developing society. We know instinctively, just as beekeepers with their bees, that misfortune might overtake us if the important events of our lives were not related to it. 利用类比来说。

Eg: We know instinctively, just as beekeeper with their bees, that a good eating habit is necessary for one to keep fit.
This is a rare occurrence as our climate seldom goes to extremes.
 as 的句子。。这里是引导原因的连词

同时 this is a rare occurrence 这个表达,比普遍的 this seldom happens。。要好 Next came a horse, swimming bravely, but we were afraid that the strength of the current would prevent its landing anywhere before it became exhausted. 这段话的层次很清晰。又是一个倒装开始,用一个进行时的状语。


He did not marry again and I was brought up without a woman’s care; but I lacked for nothing, for he was both father and mother to me. 看到这里的时候会发现,几乎在这里的每篇文章里面都会出现without , 以及本身带有否定意 味的词而使句子变成双重否定。
lack for。。记得高中做改错题这个是出现得最多的。。一般错写成lack of。。注意注意
His roots and mine had become too firmly embedded in the new land. 这个句子的引申:比如说 某些观念已经深入地建立在人们心中。。
Several ideas have become too firmly embedded in people’s mind.
I hired a car the day after landing and bought a comprehensive book of maps, which
I found most helpful on the cross country journey, but which I did not think I should need on the last stage. 这个句子的转折蛮有意思的:在登陆的同日我租了一辆汽车并购了一本详尽的地图册,我觉得 它对越野旅行很有帮助,不过在旅行最后阶段我认为它未必有用。 Comprehensive:感觉上也是外国人用得比较多的词 eg: comprehensive education 综合教育 On the last stage: 另外一种表达最后”
还有划线的。。这个看起来蛮小儿科的,就是I don’t think。。否定前提。 但是在母语环 境的影响下,在不知不觉的情况下,还是会说出 I think it does not...
It was not that I actually remembered anything at all. 接着上句的宾语从句。文章里面作为穿插出现的短句子,以调整长短句的搭配和结构。 Fortunately for me, as I was wondering what to do next, there appeared on the horizon a man on horse back, riding in my diction.
As 的用法,老师曾经强调过,属于比较灵活的词语,像引导定语从句,也可以引导原因状语从 ,语气的强弱问题。。只是没太弄明白,所以多背一点有关的来提高对这个词的感觉 吧。。。
There appeared 这个是一个很简单的倒装句,因为前面的文字说作者感觉自己像掉进了一个梦 ,周围冷清没有一个人出现,所以这个倒装句更好地突出了appeared 表达看见活物的心 ,和强调了Fortunate for me


Her shopping had tired her and her basket had grown heavier with every step of the way home.
In the lift her thoughts were on lunch and a good rest... 一般我们写,只想着做什么什么,just thinking, concentrate on..
She walked slowly into the hall and at once noticed that all the room doors were open, yet following her regular practice she had shut then before going out.
Yet 的用法,印象中老师一直强调yet 的用法,也是属于英语中活用比较多的词
It was as clear as daylight then that burglars had forced an entry during her absence.
Her first impulse was to go round all the rooms looking for the thieves, but then she decided that at her age it might be more prudent to have someone with her, so she went to fetch the porter from his basement.
第一反应:这个impulse 更加形象的说出了是当时立刻的反应,带有冲动不理智的色彩。。 选词的准确也许更多的是理解相近词各自不同的感情变化吧


People tend to amass possessions, sometimes without being aware of doing so. 再一次的 without。。其实读过去 发现 NCE 里面很多这样的 with, without 带表示状态结构 tend to。另外表达喜欢做什么意思的词
Those who never have to change house become indiscriminate collectors of what can only be described a clutter.
蛮欣赏指代词 those 的用法的
of + what 引导名词从句
As they grow old, people also accumulate belongings for two other reasons, lack of physical and mental energy, both of which are essential in turning out and throwing away, and sentiment.
比如说爬山,气喘嘘嘘的。。quite out of breath
...and so they gradually acquire a value beyond their true worth. gradually:逐渐的意味,有随时间流逝的沧桑感。。。— —|
beyond their true worth:超越了本身的价值如果自己翻译怎么写?they become more precious than they used to be?
Some things are collected deliberately in the home in an attempt to avoid waste.
in an attempt to: 表示目的
Collecting, by occupying spare time so constructively, makes a person contented, with no time for boredom.
还是 by 状语的插入位置,也许这样更加符合他们的表达习惯吧。

60 :

1Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs of a civilized society.

开头就很平铺的说出了文章要说的内容,而且不觉得做作。。对比俺写文章。。绞尽脑汁想出 来的句子,和后面又连不上。。蛮突兀的,而且,punctuality 可以用在阐述character方面 的例子。
2Without it, nothing could ever be brought to a conclusion; everything would be

in a state of chaos.
这几天研究NEC, 发现其实他们蛮喜欢用这种双重否定的。。或者说是用本身就带否定意味

的词来表达,什么not donot。。出现得不多。而且,是我们chinese喜欢用的排比句 式。。。同时,这个句子MS 是个虚拟。。。
3Only in a sparsely-populated rural community is it possible to disregard it.

这三句话是连一起的,所以说这篇文章推荐背诵。三个句子,都是看起来很小儿科的句子, 词句式都会,但是觉得很自然地,第一句陈诉观点,第二句虚拟假设相反情况,到第三句又很 自然地用倒装来说也有少量情况出现。。。反思俺写文章,都是心血来潮在前面一堆类似句式 中突然冒一个其他的句式,多变的目的是达到了,但是一点都不灵活。。。— —|

4He is therefore forgiven, if late for a dinner party.
if 引导的条件状语后置,其实这更多的符合欧美人的表达习惯,后面看到的很多句子,都和

我们一般写出来的不一样。我们一般写 if...,he...,或者 When..., he....
5But people are often reproached for unpunctuality(又是一个直接表示否定意义的词) when their only fault is cutting things fine.

推荐背的是 cutting things fine 这个词组——卡得太紧 句子意思是:但人们则常常仅仅由于将时间安排得太紧而引起不准时受到指责。 如果让我们来写这个句子的话:
But people are often blamed just because they have arranged their agandas too

heavy to be punctuality.— —|
6The over-punctual can be as much a trial to others as the unpunctual.

感觉很利索的过渡,直接把话题转移到另外一个方面,说提前太早到达其实和不按时是一样 让人恼火的。。

as much a trial to others as。。觉得这个句子蛮经典的。。很明白地说出了早到也是对 人的一种折磨。。。
7Although being early may mean wasting a little time, this will be less than if you miss the train and have to wait an hour or more for the next one; and avoid the frustration of arriving at the very moment when the train is drawing out of the station and being unable(又是。。) to get on it.

个人蛮喜欢用的一种让步的句子.但是又不是单纯的表示让步,其实是2 个并列的句子, 时做了另外一种情况的比较,觉得就说服力雄厚起来。

同时几个单词觉得蛮好:drawing out of the station 一般都会说 about to leave, take off,...

avoid the frustration 动词的名词形式,记得论坛上有篇蛮经典的帖子就是说名词化趋

be unable to .. couldn't, failed to, not successful。。这些用滥的会不会要好一

,而且 这个更多的就是强调事情有没有做成功
8An even harder situation is to be on the platform in good time for a train and still to see it go off without you.

without..是使用频率很高的词,而且这个是介词短语做补语。这个句子是跟着上面的句子更 进一步推进,加强后果的严重性。。

9She entered the station twenty minutes before the train was due, since her patents had imressen upon her that it would be unforgivable to miss it and cause the friends with whom she was going to stay to maike two journeys to meet her.

since 引导的从句再嵌套一个宾语从句,之下还有一个限定性的定语从句,结构蛮复杂,但是 句子意思表达却相当清晰。。
10She felt in her handbag fot the piece of paper...

表达,使用的单词 feel。。一般我们写做习惯:She searched in her bag for the piece of paper..

11The girl, tear streaming down her face, begged to be allowed to slip into the guard's van.

那个 tear streaming down her face 觉得这个状语用得蛮好的。